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Begeara has a small footprint and small price tag, but has a massive impact on sales. 

As of April 2017, Begeara is successfully used in over 200 play centres, leisure centres, farm parks and holiday venues in the UK.

Simple design and operation is focussed on the party market. 


The phasors are lightweight, smooth moulded polycarbonate and capped with a rubber barrel.

Begeara can be comfortably used by children aged 4 and up. The aim of the game is better understood by kids aged 6 and up. 

Safe use on a play frame after hours or in a purpose built laser tag arena.

Begeara has a birthday game. The birthday child's phasor will sing Happy Birthday to start the game and has rapid fire.

10 game formats to choose from, including 'Vampire' and 'Zombie' games for special occasions like Halloween and 'Eliminator' for older children and adults.

Phasor sensors make sure the player uses two hands.

Clear plastics and bright OLEDs. Teams are red and green and phasors turn blue for solo play.

Phasors vibrate when firing and tagged.

2 sound schemes to suit different markets.

Phasor screen shows your rank throughout the game.

Scoreboards update in real time and reset automatically. Advertising space for promotions. 

Charge overnight and play all day with long life lithium polymer batteries.

Choose the number of phasors to suit your party business: from 8-48.




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