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One state of the art laser tag system and one profit focussed product. Helios draws on thirty years experience in the industry and provides operators with two outstanding options to suit their business objectives and budget.

Helios Pro

Helios CE

Helios Pro is the best we have to offer. It has everything Helios CE has, plus these features:

First off is the touch screen:

  • Keep track of the scoreboard

  • Control selections and weapon options

  • Identify who you tagged as their picture flashes up on your phasor 

  • Engage in interactive games i.e. in Greed Team and Solo you have to bank your points using the touchscreen. You get more points the longer your chain of unbanked tags, but if you get shot first you lose it all.

13mm diameter fat green laser beam makes for impressive looking gameplay. 

Helios has a birthday party game. The birthday child's pack will sing Happy Birthday before the game begins. 

The phaser offers a natural grip to suit all ages and is equipped with sensors to ensure safe two handed play.

Cloud based membership system allows players to climb the ranks and earn badges based on play.

Phasors language easily selected. Multiple languages can be used within the same game.

The phasor's cross fading LEDs switch between 8 vibrant colours, with up to 4 team colours. 

Super strong polycarbonate plastics, military grade radios and high speed wifi modules.

Vast array of game options to choose from, fully customisable plus you can design your own.


Fully integrated arena accessories. Supports Zone Gates, Pick-Up Pads, and Gamestations, along with targets, mines and bases. 

Helios CE is strong and durable with lots of popular features.

HAL start: Mounted above the entry door, just hit this glowing button to start the game, the music and the fog machine.

Highly reliable magnetic triggers.​

Quick upgrades with easy USB reprogramming.

Vivid green lasers stand out better than the red industry standard.

Abuse detection warns players against rough play and removes the player from the game after a preset number of incidences.

Full day playing with long lasting lithium polymer batteries. Charge overnight.

Live action scoreboard designs with advertising space. 

The vest has 6 hit zones with scaling points.

Phasor vibrates when the player is tagged. 

Self-diagnostics: Automatically checks every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more. Faults are instantly reported on a phone based app.

Features specific to Helios CE only:

​Smooth molded polycarbonate phasor with soft rubber barrel.


Clear plastics light up with bright colour OLEDs.

4 phasor colours and up to 4 team colours.

22 customisable game formats.

Optional membership system.

Supports targets, mines and bases.




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