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Arena Targets

Arena Targets are small, multi-coloured, super bright LED devices integrated into the laser game operating system. Targets don’t just provide one extra game; they are a multi-functional game enhancement that can be applied to nearly all Helios games in multiple different ways. Use them in standard games for points or special powers; hype up limited games by setting the targets to award power or health; or enhance strategic games with base shields. Zone’s technology turns your existing laser tag arena into a new and immersive laser game experience. Zone Arena Targets are easily the most valuable addition to a competitive location.


  • Customisable colours, points and timing

  • Custom game formats

  • Base defender

  • Attack mode

  • Special power ups – Stealth, Invulnerability, Rapid Fire etc.

  • Replenish health and power

Vest Racks

Zone Vest Racks have been the industry standard for years. With DMX or remote-controlled lighting, our Vest Racks are designed to WOW the players as they enter the kit up room. They’re simple to install and, with our vests, really make the room come alive. Unlike some of the other product on the market, Zone Vest Racks are structurally designed with polycarbonate plastics for extra strength—trusted for nearly a decade in hundreds of sites around the world.

  • Control the colours with a touch of a button on the MOC application

  • Simple yet beautiful charging solution

  • Easy installation

  • Structurally designed to prevent breakage


The Gamestations are special interactive wall-mounted, touch screen devices incorporated into the Helios game architecture. The backlit CNC milled perspex is bright and beautiful and creates player hotspots. Gamestations instantly recognise and respond to any player in the vicinity. They bring standard laser games alive with fun and excitement, and add custom options and formats.

  • Power-ups – Players swipe for Stealth, Invulnerability, Rapid Fire, Team Destroyer etc.

  • Secret Agent – Players change their colour for a short period of time

  • Assassins – Players take missions to tag specific players for bonus points and much more

  • Birthday – Only the birthday player can access to get tons of special powers

Mines or Energisers

Add another dimension to your laser tag arena. Each device can be easily configured with the handheld remote to act as either a mine or an energiser.  

As a mine, the device emits a pulse to deactivate players in a close proximity. For advance members games, the mine can be set by tagging it and when it explodes, the last player to tag the mine will receive the credit for ALL of the players tagged by the mine. 


As an energiser, the device emits a pulse to replenish either the player's health or shot's depending on the game format.

Arena Features

Make imaginative use of Zone's arena technologies by incorporating them into stunning features that players will tell their friends about. Energisers and mines built into themed props creates a richer experience for players as well as making the game more immersive. Strengthen your brand identity with iconic designs and logo detailing.


For standalone features check out our sister company, Play Fitters.

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